15 Great Ways to Lose Weight Fast

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We all wants to get thinner quickly, with these 15 ways you will learn to take off at least 10 pounds of undesirable fat with these simple eating routine tips. Simply focus on what you eat and make sure to have healthy food that including vegetables and products that have less fat.

Simply follow these ways to lose your first 10 pounds, if you feel that your weight loss plan needs another little boost, you can combine it with this plan. This is adaptable plan that you can use as long as you need.

  1. Write down on a note all the things that you eat and drink. You don’t have to count your calories, simply write what it was, that you will be able to estimate the amount after you writing everything. You will find that it helps you to think about what exactly you want to eat and build your daily menu better.
  2. You need to reduce the amount of fats almost by half. Half means the amount of the margarine that you spread on your bread, toast, biscuits and potatoes, the quantity of the mayonnaise or sauce on your mixed greens and also the quantity of the oil in the frypan when you use it.
  3. Try to lower the number of treats that containing sugar to three times each week, I referring to kinds of chocolates, pastries that made from white flour, ice cream, all kinds of sweet foods that have sugar in them, cakes, and so forth. Basically, any food that can contain high amount of sugar.
  4. Note that you need to add to your diet menu also a lower fat protein such as: chicken, fish, beans, cottage, or low-fat yogurt. You can also have eggs, nuts and red meat from time to time but not every day.
  5. You should plan one day in a week that on this day there should be no meat or cheese in the meals. On this day its will be based on meals with whole grains, vegetables and beans in order to expand the dietary fiber and reduce fat. 
  6. The idea is to reduce the consumption of fat that found in milk. For example, if you use whole milk, note that you should be slowly reduced it to 2% fat and from there to 1% fat. Also, you can select for lower fat cheese and yogurt. When you selecting your favorite yogurt, also watch that it doesn’t contain sugar.
  7. You should consume at least 2-3 fruits per day, it can be either for dessert or between meals. It is always good to choose a fruit that is from the current season.
  8. Drink water rather than soft drinks, juices, smooth beverages or liquor. Avoid diet drinks – the sweet taste just urges you to consume more sugar. A glass of hot water with a piece of lemon can be good for opening the day.
  9. Try to blend some vegetables as possible in your daily routine. Eat at least 2-3 vegetables a day. If you feel it is not enough for you and you are still a little hungry even after eating 2 kind of vegetables, you can eat more, it is always good to consume more vegetables on daily basis.
  10. Concentrate on eating slowly and chew more. It is very important to eat the food slowly and not quickly. It is very difficult for the body to digest food if you eating a lot in one meal. Also, you should notice that you do not consume too much food with one meal.
  11. You will be surprised to know that grated carrots sometimes give a fuller feeling than whole carrots. You should try this.
  12. It is very important to use whole grains at every opportunity, whole grains can make us feel full and help a lot for our digestive process.
  13. It is always good to choose food that can be chewed more easily, again it is something that can also help on our dietary fiber intake, the more we chew, it gives us a feeling of satiety. This means that it better to eat some kind of a fruit instead of drinking juice.
  14. Planning your meals ahead of time – is very important. Also, when we do the shopping for groceries that we need – write all the things of what you need and try take only the things that you wrote before and you know that good for you. You can also notice that when we are usually hungry and we are going to do the shopping, this can be a bit problematic because if we do not go over the products according to our list, we may find ourselves taking products with high fat or calorie percentage. It is always good to go shopping on a full stomach or after a good meal and buy only the things we have written down for ourselves and not things that can be unhealthy for us.
  15. When you eating switch off the TV, it does not matter what we eat, even if it’s just a small snack or if it’s a big meal. Studies have found that we eat a lot more when we watching TV, most likely because we pay less attention of what we are eating or the amount of it. When we eat, we need to pay more attention to how much we eat in order to control the amount of food we consume.

The most important thing is also to be consistent in the process we do, we always need to pay more attention to what we consume into our body and think about the way we want to be healthy. I hope that one or more of these ways will help you lose weight and stay healthy.

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