Amdo Holy Pagoda of Drilsil Ma in Tibet

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The following is a concise summary to the Holy Amdo Drilsil Ma Pagoda (literally “the Bell Ringing Pagoda”). The magnificent holy recipient is located to the south of Prangmar valley, a fertile valley about 26 km from Trikha County Town in the Amdo Kokonor region. It’s near the south bank of the Yellow River amid some dramatic scenery, it is also a serene spot.

It is known as the one of the historical and sacred sites of Amdo Tibet. It is a picturesque and hermitic area. It lies at the foot of the Sinpo Holy Mountain, whose mountain peak is worshiped as the abode or residence of a local protector deity. This Stupa is renowned for its rich Tibetan culture and Buddhist relics, and is not only a fascinating and attractive place in Amdo, but one of the great pilgrimage destinations in all of Tibet.

According to Tibetan authentic historic accounts and annals, the Drilsil Ma Pagoda was originally founded by the ancient Indian Emperor Asoka (273 BCE – 232 BCE), who violently united Indian territories. Gradually he came to deeply regret in his heart his evil deeds, so later he converted to Buddhism. During his reign, the majestic Emperor spread Buddhism widely and contributed to the flourishing of Buddhism outside of India. Asoka’s miraculous powers led to the creation and founding of thousands of Buddha’s reliquary stupas. The Drilsil Ma Pagoda is one of these miracles. Approximately 1800 years old, it has a long and ancient history.

According to the historical records from the Tibetan book 《History of Buddhism in Amdo Tibet》, the sacred Buddhist site of Drilsil Ma Pagoda is associated in mythic tales with the eminent Indian siddha called Pa Dampa Sangje. He is considered the founder of the most famous Shije (literally “Purifying Mental Delusions”) sect of Tibetan Buddhism. According to traditional histories, on his journey to Wutai Shan (The seat of Buddha Manjusri and one of the most important Buddhist sites in Shanxi Province, China).

The legend states that an old man saw Pa Dampa Sangje in the sky flying over just the right place for the erection of the Stupa. Amazing miracle images had appeared and emerged above the Pagoda. Worshipers gathered there to prostrate and pay homage to the Indian siddha, who blessed all migrators and pilgrims from the Stupa. At the same time especially he installed a precious Dharma Cane in the Stupa and renovated and consecrated the Pagoda, which dates back to 11th century CE.

The Pagoda attracts faithful pilgrims and worshipers from all across Tibet. Devotees mainly visit this sanctuary to accumulate profound merits and pursue spiritual benefit.

The Stupa has particular powers. Some heal, overcoming evil spirits and hostile forces, and perishing the negative karmas. Others summon rain, ensuring the success of the harvest, while still others lead to wealth, keep their happiness, joy, harmony, and live in peace and prosperity.

According to an inscribed tablet discovered at the Pagoda site, while there are various types of holy things offered in the complex, the most sacred objects and relics are symbols of the Buddha’s spiritual body, speech, and mind. These include naturally manifest images and statues, the historical Buddha Shakyamuni’s reliquary case, and the Indian sage Padampa’s precious Dharma Cane, and others.             

Much of the original complex was destroyed during the Culture Revolution.

According to the historical record, the Succession of Gomang Rinpoche, and the First Gongrab Yeshe Yogini and other well-known personages protected the Pagoda over its history.

On 13th day of the first month of 2014, the Venerable Lord Gomang Ozer Gyaltso together with the Fourth Shongmoche consecrated the newly redesigned and reconstructed the Holy Stupa again, using its  remaining reliquary items and articles. Venerable Lord Gomang Rinpoche particularly helped and financially supported the Pagoda reconstruction project.

At an auspicious time on May 13, 2017, the great sublime one called Je Jamyang Gyaltso, well-known as the personal tutor of the Eleventh Panchen Lama, was invited to the blessing and opening ceremony of the restored Pagoda. He delivered a special speech, he stated that Dilsil Ma Pagoda is one of the anscient pilgramage sites, and impressive and remarkable ancient Buddhist pilgrimage site in Amdo Tibet.

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