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After an uncertain 8 months due to Covid 19 we may have seem some degree of ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ in the world of Tenerife Businesses that are for sale. With 3 vaccines almost ready to be launched, and Tenerife being one of the safest places to visit in Europe, people are asking themselves questions like, “Should we follow our dreams now?” and “Why put it off?”. Whether it’s a Local Bar for sale, with beautiful sea views, a Spanish Restaurant to serve locals and tourists your culinary delights, or even a small local shop providing beauty, hair design or health foods, Tenerife has it all!


Running a bar in Tenerife can be extremely hard work. With demanding customers, late nights it is not all it is meant to cracked up to be. The very urge to have that one drink in the sun can soon turn into 5, or ten. I have seen many bar owners turn themselves into borderline functioning alcoholics, only to shut the doors of there ‘dream  ‘ shortly after opening it. The key to choosing the right business comes with some life experience. If you not a people person, do not buy a bar. If you can’t cook, don’t buy a restaurant. A little common sense needs to be put in action before making the jump into the unknown. However, saying this there have been many success story’s and the benefit of good old Vitamin D from up in the sky can make it all worth it with Intelligent Commercial the one to choose.

People from all over Europe have chosen Tenerife as the number 1 Canary Island to chase their dreams of setting up and running a business from. The are lots of positive’s around this however people must understand that it doesn’t take just ‘an arm to pull pints’ to make things a success. Tenerife relies mostly on tourist trade however there are over 100k locals from the UK and Europe ready to use your business also. Tenerife is a year round holiday destination so unlike competitor destinations like Bulgaria, Mainland Spain, France and Malta you can more or less guaranteed to stay open even in January.

This is the first of many of our Blogs on buying and selling a business in Tenerife so look our for knowledgeable and unique content from the experts. Our motto is ‘you only live once’ so if you are thinking about it…….just do it!

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