Food You Should Add To Your Wedding Menu

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Gone are the days of wedding cuisine consisting of a Biryani cauldron and delicious kebab shelves. Today, the menu feels like a carefully selected extension from the location and decoration, so it’s perfect, but it’s also fun. Here is some food recommended by wedding planners in jaipur you should add to your wedding menu.

Five-star catering throughout the country offers diverse from India with a twist, to East Asia, Europe or Arab. Public denominators have just been sourced, the ingredients that look good that looks too good to eat, in a taste that is too amazing to forget.

Stay India:

Rasam shoot anyone? Or Mini Samosa, and Idlis, maybe? Forget state variations, most states have exclusive dishes for certain regions, so the range offered by the Indian menu is confusing. The trick is with Jazz everything, so the food is comfortable to be contemporary and global. So, whether a sheep sought with apricot Chutney, asparagus masala-throw, the trio of rice flavors of lemon, acid and coconut, or Jalebi directly and Jamun Pyramid Gulab, Indian wedding food is now equipped with a generous side.


While most Indians will never be able to get oriental food, it must have come a long way from the splash of soy sauce on noodles.

Sushi goes-to for the bite size appeal. But Orient is a treasure for wedding ceilings; Dim Sums China, Vietnam Lumpia, Sabbath Malaysia and Indonesia, Japanese Wasabi Salad, and Thai Curry with Lychees and Ginger.


There is something that is romantically default about European cuisine suitable for parties. Duck pates are beautifully arranged, savory spinach or mushroom quiches, antipasti, pizza baked clay, pasta, cheese dishes with Brie, gruyere and cheddar, and fruit, chocolate-based dessert and liquor giving perfect marriage and decadent all weddings.


As if the wedding is not enough of the community celebration, Arab food lends real feelings to share. Think of the mess plate with grilled eggplant and hummus and yogurt sauce, olives, grilled meat, ribbon bread, or cous cous cooked with sheep. And maybe it’s just Arabic candy, like Baklava and Umm Ali, which can compete with Indian desserts for sweet.


It was a good idea to keep guests dressed with good hydration at our hot wedding. Dressing well nimbu pani or soft coconut water is the most popular choice. While ice taste tea and cold coffee are adult favorites, glass gold with pleasant taste will be a hit with everyone. Or then, you can enjoy with Lassi. These are some beautiful suggestion by best wedding planners in jaipur.

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