Living In A World Of Lies

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This is Mister Master, the pastor that drops truth faster.

I’d like to start out by saying that the past few years have done a lot to change my perspective on everything. If you knew me a few years ago you probably wouldn’t recognize me now that I’ve devoted my life to Jesus Christ and turned my back on mainstream society, including all of it’s propaganda, negativity and blatant lies taken to be truths. There’s a lot to cover, but for now let’s just focus on the state of ‘waking up’ from it all.
The concept of being ‘red-pilled’ has been around for quite a while now. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, it’s a reference to the film, The Matrix, in which two pills are offered: the red pill and the blue pill. The red pill will make you aware of all the uncomfortable truths of the world that others aren’t aware of and the blue pill let’s you remain blissfully ignorant, as just another cog in the machine, happy to serve, consume and be used as an expendable pawn in the games of the rich and powerful. Learning some of these truths is a lot like waking up from the dreamlike delusions we’ve taken to be reality, hence I call it ‘waking up’. Nobody is 100 percent red-pilled. The red pills never stop coming. I wake up a little bit more all the time as I learn new things.
For me, it started by learning about PUA, or Pick Up Artist culture, a few years ago. Learning to interact with women may seem like the furthest thing from the topic at hand, but it was definitely where my journey began. Learning about how men and women interact woke me up to how people really are, and from there the topic of remaining masculine in a feminised world that hates masculinity revealed itself to me. Before long I was holding more traditional views and noticing all of the attacks on our morals and values that we get bombarded with daily. I started connecting the dots and realising just how satanic the people who control the media and by extension the thoughts of the people are. The more I saw it, the easier it was to identify. And I noticed that it was everywhere.
Some of the messages being slipped into all forms of media were very clear; people of European decent are bad and oppressive, God is not welcome here, men are rotten by nature and women should be exalted in their place and most importantly, everyone should just do as they feel with no regard to the morality of their decisions. Essentially just live for yourself and be sure to keep consuming all of the garbage they feed you. Most people seem perfectly fine with this plan because it’s easy and full of shallow but instant gratification.
What happened? Just three decades ago our society was radically different. Sure, the satanic socialist agendas have been in motion for a very long time, but normal life as a whole wasn’t nearly as unbearable. People of all sorts of backgrounds coexisted in harmony. Families were still glorified and not treated as taboo. The things shown on television, while not entirely wholesome, had boundaries. The same thing applied to the songs on the radio. That was a time when media was used as a distraction and pacifier of sorts to keep the people happy. Entertainment was entertaining, though it was still filled with agendas that kept people blissfully ignorant. Those decades of the past are not praiseworthy, but are not nearly as bad as what we’re being assaulted with today. At least back then the movies and music were fun and people could interact with one another without the looming shadow of identity politics hanging over them. Understand this; it’s all by design. Nothing about the state of things today is by accident.
Now is a great time to mention that I am not going to go into full detail and drop all the truth at once, because you are probably not ready for it. Waking up takes time and should happen in steps. This is step one; learning that the things you see and hear on the news and in various entertainment sources are a direct and deliberate attack against you and society as a whole. Biblical author Paul wrote to churches and fed them only the knowledge that they were ready for. He called it ‘milk’ and said they were not yet ready for ‘solid food’. Likewise, I will feed you only what you can stomach at this time, so that you can build yourself up to handle more. If I went all in now, you would likely shut down and dismiss the information. I too had a hard time taking in too much too soon.
Back to the media agenda. If you truly believe in human goodness and societies built on family, love and hard work towards common goals then you need to know that practically everything you take in as information, be it strictly informative like the mainstream news or entertaining such as movies or Netflix shows, is working against those ideals. Not accidentally, but intentionally. Not casually, but aggressively. You are under attack. The reason for the attacks is to make you less of a threat. They are intended to make you weak. They confuse you, demoralize you, make you live in the flesh and crush your spirit. They bring out narcissism as you try to live up to the standards presented before you. They damage your self esteem as you see the things you’ll never have and compare yourself to people who aren’t even being their true selves. They create a standard of instant gratification and noncontentment. You will always need more material goods to feel better and they will be happy to sell you those material goods. They shatter the healthy image of the nuclear family and replace it with a disfigured imagine of self empowerment and a constant need to ‘find’ yourself through experimentation and promiscuous lifestyles. You essentially become a shell of a person who’s too preoccupied with your own status and so empty inside that all you can do is seek new things to consume in a desperate attempt to fill the void. You become something that supports the system and is in no way a threat to it.
The other goal of media, which is more obvious now than ever, is dividing people into groups and keeping them in conflict with each other. This is most commonly seen when ethnic groups are presented as oppressive or oppressed in the news. There always has to be a victim and a victimiser. The goal here is simple; if they keep us weak and fighting amongst ourselves we could never rise up and stop the ones in power who keep attacking us with these agendas. They go to great lengths to ensure we never see their plan of keeping us as expendable, heartless, mindless consumers.
If you’re still reading, I assume you’re someone who at least assumed that things weren’t what they seemed. Maybe you even knew that society has been in a downward spiral for a while now. But what can you do to break the cycle? What’s the point of me writing this if all is hopeless? To answer that question; I don’t think the world can be saved but I believe some people can be. My number one suggestion is to unplug from the media as much as you can and don’t assume that anything you watch or read is safe. Question everything. I moved in with a friend of mine a few years ago and we chose not to have cable TV in our home. If we wanted to watch something, it was online and even then we were very selective about what we watched. Two years of being unplugged from TV and commercials let my mind normalise again and it broke the spell that the media had cast on me. From then on the propaganda on the news was more obvious when I saw it. The bad writing in movie scripts was apparent and even the special effects in the films looked more fake. My mind was back in reality and functioning much better. The spell was broken. You can break free from it too.
Their propaganda only works when we consume it.

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