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In the state of Florida, much like all of southeast America, college football is a huge deal. Even those like me who aren’t exceptionally interested in it get caught up in the political rivalry of it all. In Florida, people are expected to either pull for the Florida Gators or the Florida State Seminoles. It’s almost an unwritten rule. You HAVE to pick a side and oppose the other. Being a fan of both teams or neither team would be unacceptable. I’m not a Florida resident but even I am well aware of this rule.
This line of thinking goes well beyond the world of sports and into mainstream politics and identity politics as well. You’re given two opposing options and expected to choose one. This is the tactic of creating a dichotomy and limiting the options, and thereby the opinions of the masses. And of course smooth-brainers eat it up. The inclusive nature of being a part of a team and the tribal desire to wage war against and conquer another tribe get satisfied at once. It provides both a sense of belonging and the challenge of winning a battle. The only problem is this method of thinking allows none of us to win. Spoiler alert: this is another scheme used against us to keep us down.
Whether it’s called left vs right, Democrats vs Republicans or liberals vs conservatives it’s all the same; it’s a tactic of divide and conquer. A way of keeping the people divided amongst themselves and fighting each other instead of the system that created the dichotomy to begin with. It limits the scope of issues and thereby keeps discussion limited to the differences of the two sides. Think of it like getting a large group of people split into two teams and have them have a tug-of-war in a room. While they are both pulling the rope as hard as they can and putting all of their attention into it you would be free to do whatever you wanted to do without being noticed and as long as the game lasted nobody would every stop to point a finger at you. Except some of us have taken our hands off the rope and started looking around the room. Let go of the rope.
America has been an us vs them country since before it was even founded. Elites, many of them freemasons or Jesuits, have held control over the common people since the beginning. They first divided the indentured servants (glorified slaves) into the races of black and white. Before this time Africans were self-identified as members of their individual tribes just like how Europeans were self-identified as members of their individual nations. Simply put, an Irishman in no way compared himself to a Scotsman just because they both had lighter colored skin. Making the comparison to either man was likely grounds to fight. Likewise, people of African descent didn’t think of themselves as ‘black’. Nations were nations. Tribes were tribes. People were people. ‘Races’ didn’t exist. This is where the dichotomy began with the invention of the races. ‘Whites’ were given higher status than ‘blacks’, but just enough to pacify them and not enough to truly empower them. They were given fifty acres of land and the right to vote in dichotomous elections. This made them feel successful and in control while still keeping them enslaved to the system. ‘Blacks’ then blamed all whites for the system and never the elites themselves. Racial tension began upon the creation of the races. From then until now people could no long just be people or identify by their national roots.
These are the same tactics still being used today. Fabricated races still get turned against each other and we’re still preasured to support the two party system that has NEVER supported us. And elites still profit from us regardless, safe from all of the people still ‘tugging the rope’. If your ancestors come from Europe do not dishonor them by letting yourself be grouped together with every other European descendant just so you can be hated and blamed for things you never did. Claim your identity! If your ancestors come from Africa do not let the same people who gave you a degrading title compromise your unique family history and your own personality by grouping you together because of your skin color and feeding you a victim status. It is not ‘black’ vs ‘white’. It’s us vs them. It’s those of us who aren’t a part of the ruling class vs the people who do the ruling. Any further division only serves their purposes.
Think twice before you let anyone categorize you or trick you into choosing sides in a game where you can’t win. And know that regardless of who you vote for, the system still wins.
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