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This is Mister Master, the pastor that drops truth faster.

Social justice mouth-breathers are some of my least favorite people. (I’m using the term ‘people’ very lightly here.) Now don’t get me wrong; I normally don’t care too much for the ‘left vs right’ type of politics. I know that there’s much bigger problems at hand than what any SJW could possibly write on a sign and parade around in the street crying about. The more time I spend focusing on these social justice topics the less time I have to better myself, study and give my attention to the bigger problems. In short, social justice is just a distraction. It never focuses on the elites that are destroying ever aspect of our lives, but instead is merely one of the side effects of their agendas. The SJWs are just the evidence that the degeneration of the West is clearly working. They are the flies that the trash has attracted.
There is, however, one issue that we do face that is as big as any. It’s an elephant in the room that gets purposefully overlooked in lieu of other topics such as ‘racial inequality’ and ‘gender politics’. Racism today is just a boogeyman and tactic used to divide the people. Feminism is a war on masculinity and the family unit. Neither one of these things are legitimate issues. So what issue am I talking about that’s both legitimate and not addressed nearly enough? Child sacrifice, or as you probably call it, ‘abortion’.
I really don’t know what’s worse; liberal people who would support or turn a blind eye to the mass murder of babies, or the ‘conservative’ people who just let it happen without putting up any fight. Modern conservatives are a joke. And I say that as an anti-liberal with traditional views. Conservatives never give any pushback. They try to hold their ground and preserve the lives we have now, but do nothing as our values and standards get stripped away bit by bit. Why would you want to preserve our lives as they are today? Our society today is an abomination that shouldn’t be preserved. If you’re not fighting to push things into better territory then you’re a part of the problem.
Abortion serves to show us three things: First, the fact that there are no true conservatives today. And the sorry pseudo-conservatives we have today will let anything fly so long as they have their football to watch and beer to drink. (‘Merica!) Secondly, it shows that our evil elite rulers can get away with anything. There’s nothing worse than convincing a mother to sacrifice her own child, so if they can do that and make it both legal and paid for by tax dollars what makes you think they can’t convince you of anything? Lastly, it shows that women shouldn’t be given important leadership decisions. There’s a reason why the serpent targeted Eve and not Adam. Women naturally seek leadership, and when that leadership is a crooked government, leftist media and feminism what you have is a recipe for empowered child killers. This is not to say that women are of less value than men. This is in no way a degradation or attack on women. Feminism is the attack on women. A woman has a role that is as important as any role a man could ever have, and when women step outside of that and take on roles that they’re not designed for it creates an environment that is either hard on them or compromises the integrity of whatever role they’ve taken.
Now consider that American’s see themselves as the good guys. God’s chosen country. Yet we are the child sacrifice capital of the world. It’s legal. It’s empowering. It’s not being stopped by the gun-owning, bible-thumping religious frauds. The conservatives are too concerned with what gays are doing in the privacy of their homes to even turn an eye towards the real atrocities. These people don’t know Jesus at all.
As long as there is entertainment and alcohol in this country, nobody is going to push back. Comforts have made us not only weak and lazy but morally numb. All according to plan. God bless America, huh? This is the satanic capital of the world. Conservatives aren’t saving anything.
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