Things to Know Before Purchasing an Electric Shaver

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You have completed all the research, asked your husband, brother, uncle or friend what to use, decided the budget, you think you are fully prepared for the shopping trip, you can find the perfect electric shaver for men for your father, grandpa or uncle, but, But you are still stuck. When choosing an electric shaver for mature skin, which functions are actually relevant?  Before choosing the perfect razor for mature skin, read on the following five things to consider.

1. What are they currently using and how are they using it?


Is he the one who lives for the blade on his own skin? Does he swear by the razor he has used in the past 20 years? Does his sensitive skin need a strong but gentle razor? Does he like to shave dry or shave? Determining their personal preferences is the first step in finding something that suits them.

2. Corded or rechargeable


Like many electronic devices, the power options for many devices are rechargeable, but remember that charging the razor can be a problem for many older gentlemen. Don’t worry, we have covered it.

3. Are you buying something they can maintain?


Maintenance is the key to making the shaver closer, more comfortable and longevity. The blade can accumulate skin cells, oil and bacteria, which can prevent the hair from effectively penetrating the metal foil, and even, cause them to become dull prematurely. Shaver Guard should be used to clean and lubricate the blade after each use. Ideally, it should be taken apart and cleaned thoroughly at least once a week. If flexibility issues are possible, you may want to consider using a shaver with a self-cleaning system.

4. Hair type

Is their hair thin or thick?  Sparse or dense? Did you know that thick hair tends to be straight, while fine hair rests more straight on the skin and often requires vibration to lift it? This will determine the razor style that best suits their needs. Before you start looking for an electric shaver, you may need to invest in some quality electric front lotions.

5. Do they have sensitive skin?

Stimulation is an unnecessary experience for many men. More than one-third of people will be stimulated. As we grow older, this becomes more important. Although there is no quick and sensitive skin shaving solution, finding the right electric shaver is the first step to prevent this problem.

Another option to help sensitive skin is Face Guard Extra Sensitive Shaving Oil.

Face Guard Extra Sensitive is scientifically designed to provide you with maximum protection against razor burns, scratches, cuts and irritation. Natural ingredients include cedar wood, argan oil, and aloe vera, which can penetrate the skin and form a lubricating layer, so as to soothe and eliminate irritation, while moisturizing and moisturizing the skin.

Therefore, before starting the search, please consider:

  • What are their whiskers like?
  • Do they have sensitive skin or skin conditions that require specialized solutions?
  • Can they be maintained?
  • The best thing you can do is to ask as many of their needs as you can, and then pop up to talk to one of our knowledgeable team members.

The best electric razor for matured skin in skull shaver Pitbull silver.

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