Trending Destinations This Wedding Season 2021

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When you decide to marry your dream partners, it is important that your marriage reflects the values ​​of love, devotion, and your promises. This is an encouraging opportunity when two people offer each other from the highest commitment.

This is a celebration where family and friends are united to bless your union. Most people don’t leave the stone missed to ensure that their marriage is engraved in the memory of everyone as a happy happiness event!

Marriage The goal becomes increasingly popular when they provide an exotic atmosphere and beauty of wedding events. However, every destination offers a matchless platform to host a wedding.

Here are some of the purposes of trends explored by Luxury My Wedding, who have succeeded in organizing Turnkey’s weddings and events throughout the world and receiving many awards and admiration:


The most important thing when choosing a goal is the cultural background, because it becomes the foundation of the whole marriage. The authenticity of creating something, Regal comes from original and authentic settings. Historical significance Rajasthan combined with the Great atmosphere that comes with rich inheritance and famous culture helps create spectacular performances that do not ignore any tradition.

“Udaipur” the beautiful lake city has always been one of the mainly gorgeous and admired wedding destinations in India. It provides the splendor of the kingdom with a rich inheritance while maintaining the beauty and natural color of Rajasthan intact. Amazing Pichola Lake provides the most transcendent atmosphere for romantic celebrations. Udaipur also provides some exceptional places in terms of grandeur and hospitality that really took a breath. Ask more about your ideas to our best wedding planners in udaipur, India.

Luxury My Wedding has organized a wedding in most beautiful properties around Lake Pichola – Udavilas, Lake Taj, Leela Palace, Trident, Fateh Prakash, Shiv Niwas and also fateharh, which is a little further. Tamarind has expertise in handling large celebrations with complex movements for luxurious small personal matters.

Winter gave rise to the beauty of Rajasthan, making the months from October to March the right time period to host the wedding destination.


Europe with the edge of the rural architecture offers one of the most romantic settings for weddings. From the Hungarian countryside such as Budapest which is ideal for exclusive and elegant affairs, to cities such as Vienna which exceeds every expectation with its aspect of the places which at the same time and small, imperial and civil, modern and historic, modern and historic.

However, the thing that adds to European charm is cultural, which is a perfect blend of modern thinking and historical values. For some people, this makes Europe an irresistible destination for their marriage.

Europe is a combination of such goals that make truly impressive experiences for your family and friends. Elegant ballroom, beautiful terrace with panoramic views, amazing palace, clean beaches and fertile green countryside – it is a complete package of very good choices. Some international and local hotels are present in famous cities in Budapest, Vienna, Chantilly, Monteux, Florence, and others offer unlimited choices for your dream wedding! Apart from this, external places within themselves are very attractive so there is little need to add decoration costs.

Europe has many things offered as a wedding destination, with unlimited choices – you can choose to get married in the Hungarian countryside, ancient Piazza or Castle heritage – your choice!

For those who prefer to have a summer marriage, but without sunburned sun blazing from the sky, Europe is undoubtedly the best choice. April to September is the best months to plan a wedding destination because there is a slight rainfall compared to the rest of this year.


For those who are looking for tradition with the beauty of beautiful architecture, Bodrum is the place you have to go. Also known as St. Tropez from Turkey, the place Bodrum is a renowned choice for a dream wedding and count as the best destination, especially if you are looking for calm environment on your special day.

Great hotel, pleasant beaches, reliable infrastructure, and the presence of famous hotels such as Mandarin Oriental, Kempinski, Caresse, Bodrum edition – all add to making a real wedding paradise bodrum.

Beach clubs like Nikki Beach are also good for being explored for weddings and related events. The best months to accommodate your wedding in Turkey come from May to October. If you have anything else to ask feel free to contact our top wedding planners in udaipur.  

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