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This is Mister Master, the pastor that drops truth faster.

Understanding that we’re being lied to is not an easy pill to swallow, but learning the full extent of the deception can utterly crush you. It leaves you wondering what’s even real anymore. It’s important to question everything and put theories to the test. If something doesn’t make sense to you, don’t just believe it because ‘official sources’ tell you to. One of the tactics used by the liberal owned media is to create a false sense of intellectual superiority in people by propping up whatever they want you to believe as being ‘scientific’. They pay doctors and professionals in various fields to push the narrative. If you question the narrative it means you question ‘science’, their religion of choice. And if you question ‘science’ then you’re an illogical enemy of the progressive world. See how that works? They create a game where they own the referees and the ball is always in their court. If you dare call them out for cheating you’ll get the whistle blown at you.

Not only will they use individual professionals to push their agendas, but entire universities as well, which as you can guess are severely liberal biased. Whenever I hear about a ‘Harvard study’ my suspicions go through the roof. There was allegedly once a time when academia was a place of expanded thinking, but now it’s nothing but an indoctrination center run by liberals and not to be trusted or taken seriously.
With control of the media and the education system, It’s easy to see how they can create a hivemind of misinformation. That is, a huge population that all believes the same false teachings and is practically incapable of forming their own opinions. And to top it off, the indoctrinators have created hostility between the hivemind and those of us who are still quite human. They are trained to attack us and shut us down. The ways they do this can include stamping us with labels meant to discredit us such as racist, sexist, bigot or ‘nazi’. Having our content banned or censored online, demonitizing content that they don’t agree with, and in some cases actual violence. (The violence almost never makes the news, because they control that too. Yay!)
If you do happen to present a topic that goes against the plans of our leaders aka masters, say pizzagate for example, they will say that it is a ‘conspiracy theory’. Just the term conspiracy theory alone is a weapon used to discredit ideas. It’s used to make the presenter sound crazy and irrational. Another weapon in their arsenal is the term ‘debunked’. Whenever they want to dismiss an opinion that opposes them they can say it’s been debunked to throw the hivemind off the scent. Remember, the hivemind will never question ‘official sources’.
Their capacity for deception is beyond anything you’re ready for. Don’t be surprised if some of the most basic concepts you’ve known about your entire life turn out to be lies. These are the same people that tell us humanity has evolved over millions of years, even though every single ‘evolutionary link’ connecting humans with apes was easily explained as a mistake/lie and not a new species in the least. These people want you to believe you’re a descendant of an ape, mindlessly travelling on a rock that’s millions of years old, floating in an ever expanding universe. As if we even have the capacity to measure that amount of time or distance. How hard are they trying to keep you from believing in a Creator? The point here is do not underestimate their ability to lie, and do not take anything for granted.
Their lies will always be used to serve them. They lie about diseases to sell more drugs. They lie about the relations of different social groups to keep us fighting with ourselves and not taking a stand against them. They lie to sell you what you don’t need, to distract you from their treachery, to keep you from knowing what may empower you. They need you to be dumb. They need you to be compliant. They need to keep you dependant on their system and not independent. They’ve stolen from us the very essence of being human; enjoying freedom and taking care of ourselves as dept-free spiritual beings.
This goes way beyond who’s right and who’s wrong. It’s about freeing yourself from mental slavery. The key is to start asking yourself if the things you believe make sense to you. If they don’t make sense, question them. If they do make sense, question them anyway. Don’t take anything for granted and don’t think that scientists, doctors and least of all, celebrities know what they’re talking about or are telling you the truth. Look outside of mainstream sources for your information. 

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